About Acceptional

Acceptional's first service, launched in August 2010, helps high school students get accepted to their top choice school. The concept is simple. A student at one of our target schools uploads the personal statement or college admission essay that got her into college. Every time someone reads that sample college essay, the author gets paid. Then we take a wide range of actions to prevent plagiarism.


The personal statements and college admissions essays are used by high school students as benchmarks as well as inspiration for how to structure and approach their college admission essays. For instance, a student who wants to attend a given college can look up that college on US News and World Report to see what GPA he needs in order to stand a good chance of getting in. However, there's no way to know how good his personal statement needs to be to get accepted. Acceptional provides that critical benchmark.


Unlike popular books of college admissions essays available in major bookstore chains, our database is dynamic, convenient and searchable by GPA, test scores, demographic data and much more!


Keep an eye out. We have more services launching soon!


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