Acceptional is Anti-Plagiarism


Our top priority is preventing all forms of plagiarism resulting from our content. We have a zero tolerance plagiarism policy and we alert admissions departments of any plagiarism we find. We use the following plagiarism prevention measures:


• All users must agree to our strict anti-plagiarism policy before accessing content.

• We work with admissions offices to compare our content against submitted applications.

• We use technology that disables copying and pasting, downloading, and printing our content.

• We are in the process of getting our content into popular admissions anti-plagiarism databases.


We work hard to catch people who plagiarize. Simply put, don’t do it! You will get caught and it won't be fun for us or you.


Plagiarism Policy

As a user of this site I understand that the content here is for reference only. I agree that I will not use any of the material available on this site for dishonest purposes including plagiarism. I understand that Acceptional works with admissions offices to prevent plagiarism by making its databases available to these offices. I understand that colleges and universities have strict policies against plagiarism and that any dishonest use of material on this site may lead to disciplinary actions including admission denial and/or expulsion.

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